Kids Fund is proud to introduce our Ambassadors! These local children highlight how Kids Fund is making a positive impact on not only their lives, but also their family’s. In alphabetical order…


Abbie, aged 9 from Horsley has Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency. There are only 5 children in Australia; it is a very rare disease. Abbie received a sleep system from Kids Fund. Abbie is legally blind, has seizures and is fed by Gastrostomy tube. Abbie can’t talk, walk or sit up – she is dependent 24/7 on her carers.

Abbie and our family would like to thank you for your very kind support ,with out you a lot of family’s would be struggling to get the things that our special kids need.


Alex, aged 4 from Figtree has received Ankle Foot Orthotics and a Special Tomato chair (for feeding) from Kids Fund. Born 12 weeks early and weighing only 606g, Alex spent his first 100 days in hospital. Alex has Cerebral Palsy, is tube-fed and has endured a number of surgeries but he has come a long way. He is now walking and talking.

Alex’s family wish to say THANK YOU to the supporters of Kids Fund.


Clara, aged 7 from Kanahooka had a severe hypoxic incident during delivery and was deemed unable to survive after her birth. Clara received a walker and wheelchair from Kids Fund. Clara has Cerebral Palsy and is an enthusiastic participant in her mainstream Year 1 classroom.

Clara’s family say: “We thank you for all the opportunities that open up to us because of mobility equipment we receive from Kids Fund.”


Cody, aged 6 from Albion Park has Lissencephaly (brain disorder) and cerebral palsy and a global developmental delay. Kids Fund has provided Cody with a number of life-changing aids and equipment. Cody has received a Jazz easy push chair plus indoor base, Mulholand standing frame and foot and ankle orthotics (twice).

Cody’s family say: Thankyou with all our hearts, there is no way we would have been able to get all this equipment without kids fund. Cody uses everything every single day.


Dane, aged 18 months from Barrack Heights had complications at birth leading to brain damage and Quad Cerebral Palsy. He isn’t able to sit, crawl, walk or talk. He received a Special Tomato Chair and Standing Frame from KIDS Fund. Dane is very happy and social. He especially loves sitting in his special tomato chair and watching the ‘Wiggles’ with his beloved dog Charlie.

Dane’s family and friends are ever so grateful for the support Kids Fund gives us and him.


Ebony, aged 5 from Cordeaux Heights has hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), a mild heart condition and Cerebral Palsy. Ebony received Ankle Foot Orthotics from Kids Fund. She has achieved milestones that we thought might be unreachable. Ebony continues to smile her way through the difficulties she encounters each day, she is our inspiration!

Ebony’s family would like to say thank you to all those who support KIDS Fund- your generosity goes a long way to making our lives that little bit easier.


Flynn, aged 4 from Woonona has no specific diagnosis but is globally delayed, has epilepsy and microcephaly. Flynn is unable to walk or talk but is a very happy and social little boy. Kids Fund provided him with his monkey standing frame that has opened up a whole new view of the world and he loves helping mum in the kitchen in it. The standing frame has also enabled him to progress to a walker, also provided by Kids Fund.

We would like to pass on a big thanks to all the generous people who support Kids Fund. Your contributions make such huge changes in the lives of these beautiful children.


Gracie, aged 7 from Woonona experienced a severe Hypoxic brain injury at birth resulting in Moderate Quad Hyptonic Cerebral Palsy, Cortical vision impairment, Global development delay and epilepsy. Whilst this sweet, laughing girl is unable to walk or talk, she has a fantastic quality of life and is a ray of sunshine.

Kids Fund has provided assistance with a curved track and sling to complement the funding provided by Enable NSW to install a ceiling hoist for Gracie.

Gracie’s family appreciate the support from Kids Fund, as it will enable them to continue to care for Gracie in safety as she grows and gets bigger and heavier. Thank you so much!


James, aged 4 from Wollongong has received Foot Orthotics from Kids Fund. James was born with the rare congenital disorder Kabuki Syndrome. His feet roll considerably forward making walking difficult and potentially other hip and knee problems. Thanks to Kids Fund James has specially made foot Orthotics which not only give his feet and ankles support, but the confidence to move forwards literally!

James’ family say “Kids Fund have helped to make a HUGE difference to James’ walking. Thankyou so much to Kids Fund for their wonderful help”


Kiara, aged 7 from Dapto has Down Syndrome and Hydrocephalus. She received Ankle Foot Orthotics from Kids Fund. Although Kiara spent most of the first 4 years of her life in hospital, she is a happy little girl. She has had surgeries including open heart surgery, stomach and bowel surgery, and ear, nose and throat surgery. Kiara is now walking, talking and signing.

Kiara’s family say “Thank You Kids Fund your assistance was greatly appreciated.”


Lachlan, aged 5 from Russell Vale has an undiagnosed syndrome, resulting in global developmental delay. In general Lachlan is like a one year old. KIDS Fund has help Lachlan and his family purchase a Rocket Stander. Lachlan’s Rocket Stander had to come from America and cost over $4000.

From Lachlan’s family “Thankyou – The Rocket Stander helped Lachlan with sensitivity in his feet and to develop strength in his legs which enabled him to progress to a walking frame.”


Lauren, aged 9 from Woonona, has a rare and misunderstood form of Cerebral Palsy. She struggles with communication and participation in physical activities. She has received Ankle Foot Orthotics, a Minino (a voice output computer device), Wheelchair and a K-Walker. With the aids received from KIDS Fund she has been able to partake in school athletics and swimming carnivals and her speech is slowly improving.

Lauren’s family wish to say THANK YOU to the supporters of Kids Fund.


Mackenzie, aged 12 from Corrimal has epilepsy and development delay. She requires total care and spends most of her day in a wheelchair. KIDS Fund provided a walker and jogger stroller. Mackenzie loves her walker as it gives her independence. The walker gives Mackenzie the ability to navigate to the window and watch the trees move in the wind, something she loves to look at.

From Mackenzie’s family “We can’t say enough thanks to Kids Fund as this equipment is expensive and it would have been difficult for us to purchase it without assistance. The smile on Mackenzie’s face when she is scooting about in her walker is priceless.”


Matthew, aged 7 from Cordeaux was born with respiratory distress syndrome and was airlifted to Royal Hospital for Women. At 9 months, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and development delays. Matthew has received Ankle Foot Orthotics, a “Cruiser” (stroller/wheelchair), a Kaye-walker and Boardmaker software from Kids Fund.

Matthew’s family would like to thank those people associated with Kids Fund as their contributions have helped Matthew and his family immensely.


Sam, aged 6 from Towradgi has Joubert syndrome which affects his ability to talk and walk. Sam has received an Electric Communicator and Walker from KIDS Fund. The communicator allows Sam to tell his news to his friends in class as well as answer questions. The walker gives Sam his independence and is an invaluable addition to our family life.

From Sam’s family : “Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to Kids Fund and given Sam the best start he could wish for. Sam loves his toy cars and has ‘ready steady go’ among other things programmed into his talker so that he can play like any other child.”


Sebastian, aged 6 from West Wollongong was born with permanently dislocated hips and low muscle tone. He received a Body splint (to aid posture) and Walking Frame from KIDS Fund. Sebastian attends his local school. He gets around school using a walking frame. He wears long leg splints, which can be bent for sitting and locked in a straight position for walking.

Sebastian’s family would like to express their thanks and appreciation to everyone who supports Kids Fund.


Zachary, aged 7 from Balgownie was born a 16 week premature twin, weighing 680 grams. Has Cerebral Palsy and is tube fed. Zachary is blind in his left eye with very limited vision in right eye. He has received life-changing aids and equipment from KIDS Fund including Leg splints, a Kangaroo Feeding Pump and a Wheelchair.

Zachary’s family wish to say THANK YOU to the supporters of Kids Fund